“Well done!”

Hello! We are with the endocrinologist. Sugar is normal, all liver samples improved significantly. Good cholesterol, blood pressure is 110/80, the doctor is delighted and amazed. Now a bit more physical activity and he will be good as new! Both of you well done!

This is my client, Founder of Russian Gymnazium in London, Yulia Desiatnikov, whose husband subscribed to a monthly meal planning and deliveries. He has type 2 Diabetes and this feedback is 3 months after he started my program.

“It’s a thrill!”

What is good about London? This is because, if confused, you can find any options for fitness, nutrition, leisure, business, communication. Absolutely any. I knew people who have food allergies for everything, the list is longer than my diet in general, but they survive perfectly in London, because here you will find any ingredients, even kosher, even ayurvedic, even Orthodox-approved, if it bothers someone. So, I finally found the best option for myself - Dana - chief nutritionist, who went through school Gordon blue and cooks food with delivery - @danatchef. Desserts without sugar and gluten, sharp and salty without danger of eating trans fats and getting an organism response - in a state where your body does not really belong to you and listens more to ancient hormones of survival than common sense, for me it turned out to be salvation. Catastrophic weight growth stopped, and I feel completely Zozhe and with a tick in front of the line "balanced nutrition during the happy period in life associated with childbirth." Now I have jars and glass molds filled with delicacies every day. Dana does not even use plastic - only wax materials and glass. Already the third month in her cooking - and it's a thrill! Open the restaurant as soon as possible, Dana! I have never met such tasty and healthy food anywhere.

This feedback is from my client, Kseniya’s Instagram post.

“Lost 7 kgs”

Dana is very devoted to my every day meal, takes lunch to the office and meetings every day, even when I travel I always have a healthy snack on the plane. Lost 7 kilos in the last few months, never felt lighter and healthier in my life.

This testimonial is from Aaron Etingen, CEO of Global University Systems.