Eating Sustainably

In the future, I believe that provenance and pleasure will co-exist on all of our plates.

Small collective actions can help ethically-produced food become the norm…and also make it more affordable:


Why not seek out your local farmer’s market once a month and challenge yourself to try a new fruit or vegetable? You can find a list of London markets here. Or, consider making a commitment to eating less red meat, but ensuring it’s grass-fed and from a British farm – just ask your butcher.

There are plenty of ways to minimise waste that also add wonderful flavours to your existing table. Check out my recipes for mouthwatering and economical pickles and jams, and marinades that will make your meat last longer.

Ultimately, I believe that we must educate ourselves and each other. A good place to start is this report by the Sustainable Food Trust about the hidden cost of our food choices.

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I hope that you’ll join me and encouraging others to not just love food, but respect it.