Bread Delivery in London

It's a sad truth that today’s modern schedules and diets just don’t give us the nutritional boost we need. With this in mind, and drawing on both my cuisine and nutritional training, I have created the perfect loaf.

Not bread as such, my nutritional loaf is packed with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and soluble fibres. All of which promote regularity and overall digestive health as well as giving our energy and immune systems that much needed boost.

As with all my foods, I only use organic and traceable ingredients which makes it more unique. Packed with nothing but nuts and goodness, and lasting up to a month due to the absence of sugar, eggs, dairy and gluten, this loaf doesn’t just taste good but does a whole slice of good too!

Homemade with love, in Hampstead.

Get in toch via the links below to register your interest in my homemade bread delivery!