My Culinary Journey. I like to think that I was born with a spoon in my mouth. It certainly wasn’t silver but it was overflowing with delicious traditional Azerbaijani and Georgian flavours. Raised in a country rich in food and family values, I have loved food for as long as I can remember. Enveloped in the warm aromas of cooking at its best, my grandmother educated me in our culinary traditions and engaged me in the thrilling process of shopping, cooking and tasting throughout my childhood. I took great pride in what I ate and where it came from, and with this auspicious culinary start, my future was clear.


I headed to London and Paris to complete Le Cordon Bleu qualifications in Cuisine, Food Trends, Gastronomy and Nutrition and my unique Supper Club was born.

I bring a modernised, healthy version of Azerbaijani and Georgian cuisine to London as a fine dining experience. By reinventing European produce and blending it with my roots, I have created a food philosophy based on my heritage. Using locally sourced ingredients and working with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, I bring my passion and my food to your table.