Dana's Signature Super Loaf

Dana's Signature Super Loaf


This is not your typical bread. This is my signature super loaf that I created as a healthy alternative to your regular bread. It’s gluten-, dairy- and eggs-free. Made only from organic, nutrient-rich ingredients which makes it high in omega-3 and protein.

My Super Loaf contains psyllium husk which is a type of soluble fibre commonly used as a gentle, bulk-forming laxative. Simply put, because of its digestive benefits, it helps with constipation, diarrhoea and weight loss and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. All these benefits in one loaf!

Homemade with lots of love in Hampstead and delivered right to your door!

  • Shelf life: One (1) month if refrigerated

  • Organic: Yes

  • Gluten-free: Yes

  • Dairy-free: Yes

  • Eggs-free: Yes

  • Nut-free: No

Here’s a feedback from a client who’s husband is gluten intolerant. She orders every month!

“Dear Dana. Bread - chic. The best ! The sour and nuts in it are just magic! Thank you!”

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